What is the top most viewed 5 food processing machines in November 2018? As usual, our readers are always excited about our monthly Top 5.

They show a trend in what people are interested in and the biggest opportunities of the month in a particular category.

If you have missed these opportunities, this is the perfect article for you, so let’s start right now.

Turkish 15 Kg Coffee Roaster

For our first Top 5 of November, let’s begin with this coffee roaster from Turkey which attracted more than 270 buyers. The seller provides an interesting description that can explain the reasons for so many demands.

Turkish 15 Kg Coffee roaster

Turkish 15 Kg Coffee roaster – available now on Exapro.com

Some specifications:

  • Weight: 530.0 kg
  • Heating system: Thermal Transfer – Hot Air Thermal Transfer
  • Number of motors: 4
  • Cooler chamber: cooling by a powerful fan and rotating system in the chamber
  • Digital temperature control and heat indicator

Do you think this is the roaster your need? Contact right now the seller via the product page.

Tostadora de Cafe 2 Kilos

Let’s keep on with this TC2k model from 2018 as well but located in Colombia. Although the seller wrote some information in Spanish, you will get more information about this machine in English on the product page.

Tostadora de Cafe 2 Kilos

Tostadora de Cafe 2 Kilos – available now on Exapro.com

Some specifications:

  • At local norms: yes
  • Status: packed
  • Worked hours: 12 hours
  • Weight: 25.0 kg
  • Length x width x height: 600.0 mm × 360.0 mm × 800.0 mm
  • Temperature control for light, medium and dark toasting
  • Loading hopper, peephole, and discharge.
  • Non-perforated double wall drum with distribution pallets.

Get the full description on the product page

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Selmi Bean to Bar Full Line

Selmi Bean to Bar full Line

Selmi Bean to Bar full Line – available now on Exapro.com

Some specifications:

  • Hours under power: 40 hours
  • Machines with warranty: yes
  • State: perfect condition

Check out the product page for more information and be in touch with the seller right now.

Probat G60-HP Coffee Roaster

Have ever thought about buying a used Probat Coffee Roaster? This G60-HP model manufactured in 2007 can be visited right in the United Kingdom.

Probat G60-HP Coffee roaster

Probat G60-HP Coffee roaster – available now on Exapro.com

Some specifications:

  • Capacity: 60.0 kg
  • Water suppression system on chaff cyclone (aftermarket fitting)
  • Main airflow pipe from the roaster to fan (above the roaster drum)
  • Instruction manual
  • Cropster USB Hub (for PC/Mac connection)
  • Manual control panel

Once again, the seller provides a complete description, have a look on the product page.

ABL OP30 peeling machine

To conclude our Top 5, here is an OP30 model from Poland and manufactured in 2009. Currently available for 7,000 €, visible and unplugged, you can organize a visit with the seller by contacting Exapro.

ABL OP30 OP 30

ABL OP30 OP 30 – available now on Exapro.com

Some specifications:

  • The machine peels oranges, kiwi, mango, and oranges.
  • Possible to adapt it for apples
  • At local norms: yes
  • Status: visible but unplugged

Visit the product page to get the full description and contact the seller for more information.

We hope you have enjoyed this Top 5, especially if you are looking for a food processing machine. Exapro.com has more than 3,000 machines available in this category, so feel free to have a look and contact us if you have any question about a particular machine. Don’t stay with any doubts and ask us. We are here to help you.

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