Do you know the latest injection moulding machines trends in 2018? Your company needs to know every possible prediction because technology evolves faster than you think. History shows that new materials are constantly being created alongside new techniques that need to be mastered. Perhaps you are already implementing them. You think they are made to last or maybe you think they won’t last very long. Let’s take a look together at the 2018 tendencies in the injection moulding machines industry.

Precision moulding to solve a manufacturing problem

To begin, one of the big trends of this year 2018 is precision moulding. What does that mean? It means that when a production problem arises and needs to be solved quickly, engineers implement this solution with advanced tools. These tools can be, for instance, the send of alerts if a major malfunction occurs. They can also monitor the injection process or simulate moldflow. The possibilities are limited by the inventiveness of the engineers who can considerably maintain or improve the company’s productivity.

Automated machines for a better allocation of resources

It’s not a secret. The presence of 24-hour machines that perform precise and repetitive tasks is a huge help and brings value to your business. Have you already turned to automation? 2018 should see the injection moulding industry turning more and more to this type of machine. This accelerated deployment is due in particular to technological advances in precision, speed, and flexibility. Another important parameter to take into account is that automation is much more affordable than before.

Sustainable development is a corporate mission

What has always been a good commercial argument and will remain so for years, it’s the respect of the environment on the part of a company. A company that is respectful of the environment is more likely to have a positive image and attract customers. In 2018, the injection moulding industry should turn more and more to practices that are more respectful of our planet. Some good examples are the energy consumption of new equipment and the amount of plastic waste that has been reduced or recycled to achieve a much smaller amount of waste.

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Bioplastics are also becoming more and more popular. It’s a type of plastic created from biodegradable plants (soy, flax, and corn). One of the great advantages of this new type of plastic is that it reduces the need to use fossil fuels and creates plastics that can decompose faster than conventional plastics.

Conversion from metal to plastic is creating a growth in the injection moulding sector

Thanks again to advances in technology, including new materials and blending processes, plastic today might not be superior to metal anymore. Many companies have not dared to take the plunge while others have done by transforming plastic parts and metal products. More and more businesses would turn to this “metal-plastic conversion” in 2018.

In conclusion, the landscape for the injection moulding machines is changing very fast and you should keep an eye on it for 2018 and the next coming years.

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