Buying a used machinery is a big investment in terms of time and resources. A time you might not have as a busy person. Besides, you don’t want to worry too much about what machine you’re looking at and what seller you’re talking to.

At Exapro, we want to save you the maximum of time and put you in touch with serious sellers only.

Let’s review together the 7 main advantages you can’t miss when searching on or becoming an Exapro member.

1/ Experts of Used Machinery since 2000

Exapro exists for a long time and has acquired a solid experience regarding the used machinery market and how to connect buyers and sellers.

This explains why it’s really easy to find a machine and to be in touch with an Exapro agent who takes care of everything for you.

The company has now thousands of regular partners and has built a solid reputation around the web and beyond.

2/ Free and Worldwide Advertising

How could you say no to someone who is offering you to get the visibility of your machine worldwide and for free?

This is why a huge amount of interesting used machines is currently on sale from sellers all over the world.

The machine you need is probably situated in a different country than yours and Exapro is the middleman/woman for all aspects of the sale.

It’s one of it’s biggest strength.

3/ More than 10,000 Serious Sellers Only

Even if you find some interesting offers, you never know how serious the seller is. Scams happen and will always happen except if you have someone in the middle who only put you in touch with serious sellers.

How? The experience.

4/ Large Choice of Brands and Categories

On, you can find more than 40,000 usedmachines divided into multiple categories. This increases your chance to find the perfect machine for your business and also other interesting machines which worth having a look at.

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5/ Custom Newsletters, Wishlist, and Alerts

As you are not always in front of your computer, you don’t want to miss any opportunity and be the first person informed in case a new machine, which corresponds to your needs, is available on the website.

To do so, you have several options.

First, subscribe to the general newsletter and specialized newsletter. Then, save some machines to your wishlist (by clicking on the little star) so you could go back to them later.

Do you know you receive the 20 best used machines by email when you subscribe for the first time to an Exapro newsletter?

6/ Trustworthy

A company shouldn’t be just a website that sells products but a dynamic of people who care about their partners.

Once you are interested in a machine, a dedicated agent will assist you and help you answer all your questions.

You always have a privileged relationship with him/her via phone, email, and in your own language.

7/ Company in Constant Evolution

Exapro has always been improving its service and website to offer the best for its partners. The quality of the machines shown on the website keeps on improving. The Exapro Hub has been built to inform you about the manufacturing world and tips when buying or selling a used machinery.

Exapro is investing a lot of time and passion to make sure everything is going smoothly without any difficulties for us and for you.

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