Whatever it is a brand new or a second-hand machine, an industrial equipment must be conformable with the requirements that regulate its use. That is why we can find different criteria that ensure the adequacy of the machine to the existing rules. In our case, we will turn our attention to the case of used machines. Several situations can be highlighted : if the machine is bought in the European Union zone and in the contrary out of the E.U.

Within the European Union

In the European Union zone, you would have to check the CE conformity marking. The CE marking is applicable for all machines submitted to the R 4312-1 article of the Labour code. It is also important to ask for the instruction manual of the machine that would guarantee an optimal use of the equipment and the best approach by the employees.

You should also ask the seller for a certificate of compliance where it is stated the repository for compliance which when it is combined with a technical review would guarantee the good functioning of the equipment. Some information you should request also is the first commissioning of the machinery. Under this legislation, you should respect other criteria to acquire the equipment.

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Outside the European Union

If you decide to buy a used machine outside the European Union, the requirements are different. Indeed, in this case, the machine is considered as a brand new one according to the article R.233-49-3 and whatever the first commissioning of the equipment. It must respect the criteria of a brand new machine whether the L.4311-1 article that forbidden the commissioning of a noncompliant equipment. The machine should be identified with the tag CE, provided with a technical file and respect the declaration of the CE compliance.

When it is about the acquisition of a used machine within the EU zone, you should inquire about the first commissioning of the equipment and its origin. Conversely, an equipment outside the European Union is considered as a brand new machine and should be overhauled to get the CE standard.

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