Let us concentrate on the principle of the mechanical compressor, auxiliary device that is very useful.

A mechanical compressor is a mechanical device that increases the pressure of the gas. The process is widely used in the aerospace and the automotive industries to produce compressed air. But, we mostly use this equipment to increase the efficiency of combustion engines. It is based on the same principle as a turbocharger but provides better cylinder filling with air. The mechanical compressor, unlike the turbocharger, works permanently and is driven by a belt or a chain sprocket.

Why use a mechanical compressor? It may be interesting to equip a unit to increase the engine power of your machine as well as the torque. Only point to consider before buying a mechanical compressor, its power is lower as the turbocharger. It works especially for low speeds. However, its performance does not depend on the quality of the engine cooling.

Various types of compressors

There are several types of mechanical compressors we are going to present to you.

The Vane Compressor

First, there is the vane compressor or named with rotation. It operates at very low speed, which gives it a very high reliability. This equipment consists of a rotor, constantly moving, which rotates in a cylindrical stator. It has a plurality of slots into which fit sliding vane sliding on an oil film. When the rotor is rotating, the paddles are dislodged from their location and form individual compression cells. The cell volume is reduced by the centrifugal force which enables the increase of the air pressure. Compression generates heat, controlled by the oil injection pressure. The vane compressors operate on a power range from 1 kW to 75 kW at a nominal pressure of 7 to 10 bar.

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The screw compressor

We also find screw compressors functioning on the basis of a supercharger.

Unlike compressor vane, the screw compressor has two rotors, a male and female which rotate towards each other. The compressor housing and the volume separating the rotors decrease. The pressure of a screw depends on its shape and length but the shape of the discharge port is also crucial. This model is the most widespread in the industrial sector. It can adapt to food equipment, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical or electronic.


The Piston Compressor

The piston compressor is part of the first compressor models. It is based on the thrust of a piston in a cylinder through a connecting rod and a crankshaft. The advantage of the piston compressor is able to adapt to the air and the gas, but also to ensure its function for low pressures and high pressures. It is mainly used for packaging and especially the PET packaging and industrial engines start.

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