how to sell your used machines

Excellent first Impression

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Customer’s first look at the machine makes a first deciding point in the selling process. If you do not give good enough first impression, the customer usually will not even see your machine closer and will move on in the list. On the other hand, if you make an excellent first impression, you need to fill the expectations after. But you can read more about that in the lower part of this guide.

Fill as much details as possible

Internet offers with more details obviously attract more clients, they look more reliable and they show a real interest and willingness to make it as easy as possible for the buyer by providing all possible informations (The potential buyer will ask for it anyway). It is therefore necessary to find out all the details about the machine and put all the information to your written text about the machine. It should be an impressive non-mistaken text about the machine, its source, maintenance, details, it’s good to show you are flexible about a visit of your machine, then you should show your willingness to answer the questions, tell the details and so on. Also try to fill all the columns with additional informations, people sometimes use search engine and if your details will not be filled, you can easily eliminate yourself out of the possible deal.

This is an example from of well filled boxes from our webpage. Try to fill every column!

Pictures of your machine

Quality professional pictures and enough amount of them is another important key to sell your machine for appropriate price. A simple rule applies to this topic: “The more would be shown in the pictures, the less would the buyer need to inspect the machine.” You need to show the machines condition as much as possible. The machine does not have to be perfect, but the buyer needs to know everything about it and of course, it must be real. You should include pictures of the whole machine from all the different sides, then detailed pictures of important parts of your machine, also the picture of electrical cabinet, control of the machine (CNC, hydraulic…) and other important parts you can think of. Remember, decision of the buyer is often based on a comparison of pictures to price.

Videos of your machine

Lot of things are getting easier with the digital age and the videos are used more and more and they are more and more asked by buyers. It makes the whole deal much faster and easier. The buyer does not have to travel a far journey to see the machine working, he just clicks on the link to watch the video. When you are recording the video, you can go around the machine to give a 3D impression.

Show price online

Showing price is an important factor, which increases your chances of selling 7 times. Also you can save lot of time and energy by it, because lot of customers will not write to you about the price out of curiosity if it is not twice cheaper than other same machines on the market, which it probably is not.


Proposes and Necessities

You are able to make a great first impression. Now it is time to fill the expectations which were set! Let’s learn about that.

Set the right price

Price is certainly the most important sale factor. Set the price right if you really want to sell, that means not setting the price higher than it should be and then expect to negotiate. The requests do not have to come in such a case, the market is large and buyers have loads of alternatives. For setting a right price, consider the initial purchase price, the rarity of your machine,  the age and condition, options, actual market prices. You can find more here. Do not forget that Exapro’s commission will be added on top of your price. Do not hesitate to lower the price to optimize the selling time. You should include the informations about dismantling and loading, possibly its price. You know best how the machine came to your plant and how it can go out. If you can not find the right price, please fill “0” in the “Best price” and we will take care of it.

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Appearance of the machine

Before you will be ready to put the machine on our website, you need to make it as attractive as possible, as well as the pictures of it. The better it will look, the higher you will be able to set the price. Cleaning the machine is an absolute necessity, you should consider painting the machine if it has stains, you can think about reconditioning of some parts of the machine which are in worse condition. There is always a possibility to hire a service company if you are not able or you do not want to do it yourself. You can watch a video guide for restoring your machine here.

This is an example what can a good reconditioning do with a machine

Incoterm or who is in charge of the shipping and insurance

You need to choose incoterm before putting your machine on our website.

The incoterms stand for International Commercial Terms and they rule the costs and risks of shipping including insurance and import taxes in an international business deal. While there are many incoterms, just a few are used in the trade of used machines.


Main incoterms used by Exapro concerning used equipments:


Exworks – The seller makes the goods available at its premises. While this usually does not include loading on truck, this can be discussed with the seller.

LOC / LOT – standing respectively for Loaded on Container and Loaded on Truck. While these are not proper incoterms, they notify that the seller takes care of dismantling and loading on the truck or container sent by the buyer to the premises. Be careful to understand properly which shipping resources are needed for the specific types of machines (type of container or truck).

FCA – standing for Free Carrier. The seller takes care of the loading and delivery to a specific location in the same country. This leaves some room for negotiation but it is usually understood as a place close to the seller’s location.

FOB – standing for Free on Board. The seller has to bring the machine to the nearest major seaport and leave it at the shipping company (theoretically the ship). He also has to clear the machine for export.

CIF – standing for Cost, Insurance and Freight. The seller takes care of shipping to the main destination port including transport insurance.

DAP (ex DDU) – standing for Delivered at Place. The seller ships the machine all the way to the agreed location but does not take care of import clearance and unloading.

Other advices

There are other small hints which will make your chance of selling a little higher such as writing keywords to the headline and especially to the text about the machine. Then of course you have to be reactive, as said higher, the buyer has lot of options, which means time can make the decision.


When it comes to the buyer’s visit of the machine, have kind and friendly, but at the same time professional attitude. Let the buyer look at the machine himself after introducing it to him. Let him make his opinion which must confirm his expectations and your words and pictures. Try to put the buyer in a comfortable position, do not put any pressure on him.

We wish you good luck with selling your machine at Exapro, you can rely we will do our best to help you to close the best possible deal.

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