exapro russiaAfter several months of preparation, Exapro launches a few days ago a new version of its website www.exapro.ru. Over 75 000 machines are already available in the language of Pouchkine.

With this launch, Exapro’s goal is clear: provide a qualitative and international service to buyers and sellers of used machines.

Why launching Exapro in Russia

Russia offers an interesting potential on the market of used machines. On one hand this country has a great industrial history and on the other hand there are more and more people using the Internet. The combination of these two factors offers good perspectives to develop and to expand on this market.

To be able to provide a wider but still personalized service, a Russian agent joined our team.

The Russian market of used machines

Historically speaking, Russia is well positioned on the metal machines market. There are thus an important amount of sales in this sector, both including Russian machines and foreign equipment coming from other countries for making other industrial processes.

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The sector of printing machines is also well developed and needing machines, espacially from Germany since a lot of manufacturers are based in this country.

With this launch, new dynamics of sale will be created, you can already start looking up used machines on our website.

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