Modern-day research experts and industrialists unanimously agree that the fourth industrial revolution will massively impact the growth, efficiency, and productivity of manufacturing industries all over the world. If the events that led to the previous three industrial revolutions are fundamentally analyzed, it will be observed that technical inventions and innovations are the main cause that led to the advent of such great transformations. There is no doubt in the fact that being in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution, one can easily identify digitization being the main and the ultimate force driving the entire global transformation.

Digitization of the Industry through IoT enabled machines

With the incorporation of the digital world and transfer of control to powerful information systems, cyber-physical systems having extraordinary computational power and efficiency have emerged.

Not only does industry 4.0 promote the amalgamation of the manufacturing and all other industries with the world of digitization, but this phenomenon revolves around leveraging IoT-enabled machines and network which can prove to be important assets for the generations to come.

Smart factories will produce more with less maintenance

By harnessing the power of the cloud, it can take the connectivity between people, processes, services, and data to a whole new and improved level. By fostering a smart industrial ecosystem, all the devices such as sensors, machines, and massive information technology equipment will be connected via a number of invisible links and would not be limited to a single enterprise.

Moreover, the presence of strict protocols and regulatory bodies further adds to the beauty of this industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution is safeguarded by security standards that allow millions of devices to interact with each other safely. Apart from the interaction, new and advanced protocols have been introduced that allow systems and even networks to detect points of failure which leads to seamless reconfiguration and then adaptation to the newly made changes. By minimizing human interaction and deeply analyzing all the produced and incoming data around the clock, this ecosystem is highly flexible, agile and productive.

Above all, the reason why the world has shifted its focus towards the incorporation of cyber-physical systems is that they can produce high-quality goods in less time and at reduced costs. It has challenged the basic principle of economics that quality comes at a greater price. With the current industrial revolution, machines have the power to produce a five-star output at a much lesser cost. This factor has been instrumental in shifting the global economy towards the next industrial revolution and has helped in the modification of the workforce. Consequently, it has changed the entire narrative of the current industrial principles and has introduced a new wave of competition among companies and enterprises.

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An example of preventive maintenance through IIOT: Neuron Soundware

Neuron Soundware is one of the companies which adopted the technologies involved in the fourth industrial revolution a long time ago. The mission of the company is to play its part in this global transformation and to take the generation forward towards a better and improved future. Making use of the latest skills, software, and technologies, their approach is anything but traditional. What differs them from other companies is their advanced technology and the latest frameworks that allow them to harness the power of digitization and use it effectively in their services.

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Their technology revolves around artificial intelligence. Being one of the most extensively deployed technologies in industry 4.0, Neuron Soundware utilizes its power to detect any anomalies that might be present. Their entire focus is on detecting the problem at an early stage so that it does not cause any permanent damage. They believe in smart solutions and have a smart factory equipped with all the advanced tools and software needed for the detection of mechanical malfunction.

A connected stethoscope to listen and take care of production machines

The fourth industrial revolution has accelerated the growth of many new technologies, tools, software, devices, and even operation protocols. Aiming to inculcate the best and innovative methods, Neuron Soundware utilizes probabilistic methods in order to determine the damage in every device.

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The process of individualized monitoring allows every manufacturer to properly check their machinery. Moreover, following the principles of the fourth industrial revolution, Neuron Software uses the combined power of the hardware, software and cyber-physical systems for the assessment of machine health and malfunction diagnostics. The entire process is fully advanced and seamless.

Their nBox is used for monitoring and it records multiple parameters of every single machine. nBox itself makes use of IoT technology and is used for audio monitoring. Built on the latest standards put forward by the principles of industry 4.0, it is compatible with smart recording software, multiple audio types, and modes.

Providing smart factory solutions, it can be easily installed to a machine and also supports external hard drives. Once all the information is collected, it is passed to their neural network that performs a full deep analysis of the data and uses it for the determination of the extent of the damage. All the anomalies observed are visualized and the person responsible is notified.

IA, machine learning and algorithms to prevent machine breakdowns

This entire smart factory was built keeping in mind the fourth industrial revolution and how Neuron Software can adapt and play its part in helping other industries. The entire network comprises of latest algorithms which were developed after years of research and rigorous testing. Our aim is to help our clients with machinery malfunctioning and prevent expensive machines from damaging by timely detection. Neuron software’s purpose is to continuously evolve with the current global industrial revolution and take better and latest technologies into its fold as it moves forward. Totally focused on optimization and industrial empowerment, the company aims to accelerate its growth and boost its productivity while playing its part in the industrial transformation. To fulfil this goal, their approach is not stagnant. The company believes in the power of evolution and innovation. As the industry 4.0 grows at an unprecedented rate, Neuron Software’s mission is to transform itself, algorithms and processes simultaneously so that it stays competitive and keeps serving the world.

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Take the advantages of Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution that has taken over the world has yielded some major benefits in terms of manufacturing and productivity. Affecting every industry and enterprise around the globe, it has led to the optimization and development of many enterprises. Implementing various algorithms and smart factory solutions, industry 4.0 can unfold even massive results.

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