As part of a very global market, the process of buying and selling used industrial equipment can be complex to navigate. Industrial Auction News is the only resource of its kind, giving prospective buyers an up-to-date view of the auction market globally, giving sellers a platform to promote their auctions, and giving both the ability to stay one step ahead in a fast-moving industry.

The website’s Auction Spotlight is its most prominent feature, presenting weekly in-depth looks at current auctions. These spotlights provide a quick and useful summary of the lots available along with location, inspection times and other key information, giving visitors a useful snapshot of upcoming auctions. By highlighting each with keywords corresponding to vertical markets such as food processing, agriculture and vehicles, they also allow buyers to find the goods their looking for and auction owners to reach the right audience.

Complementing this, the Auction Calendar provides a comprehensive overview of each month’s auctions. As the only global overview of its kind, this calendar presents many auctions a month from a diverse range of industries, with the option to drill down into the same information provided by the Auction Spotlight. This makes it the perfect jumping-off point for anyone looking for a specific auction type, and a page we recommend checking regularly if you’re looking to stay ahead.

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Also invaluable in this regard is the Industrial Bulletin, a free subscription E-Newsletter provided by the website’s creators, Bidderlists. The Industrial Bulletin is the leading news source for the world of used industrial auctions, allowing readers to stay a step ahead in terms of news, trends and market analysis across all sectors of the industry.

Paul Fowler, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Bidderlists provided some background: “We created Industrial Auction News and the Industrial Bulletin to put a spotlight on key auctions in the industry. As a team, we’ve been in the industry for a combined 60+ years, and since starting the company in 2015 we noticed the lack of an authoritative news so in the industry, so it became on of our ambitions to address that. We believe the Bulletin is an essential tool for anyone looking to market their next auction, or just keep abreast of the latest industry trends.”

Bidderlists are global specialists in the Industrial Auction Sector, that help the industry optimise value by bringing the right buyers to the right auctions. From focused multi-platform marketing to the largest GDPR-compliant network of buyers and sellers, Bidderlists are dedicated to delivering auction success.

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